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Saturday, October 11, 2008


I love Ravelry. I've been trading yarn lately like a fiend. A while ago, I decided to put everything I didn't have immediate plans for in the trade/sell category of my stash. Several of the things in there are one ball only, but I figure if you just need that one ball... (And in fact, one of the one single balls does have a favorite, so I guess someone is at least vaguely interested.) So a while ago, I managed to get rid of some Berreco Pure Merino I'd drastically under-estimated the amount I'd need for a sweater. But things have really heated up in the last couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, I got rid of the Rowan Kid Classic I'd bought for an ill advised attempt at a scarf very early on in my knitting career (which happens to be just about exactly a year ago. Heh.) I also responded to a plea for Shine scraps. I had nearly a full hank of Grass available, and a decent amount of Reef. Neither was actually listed in my stash, but that's definitely some room I opened up. And, I'm currently in negotiations to get rid of my Palette, which is apparently currently on back order on the Knitpicks site for the Tidepool Heather colorway. (I love, love, love the color, but wasn't paying much attention to the fact that it was a fully feltable fingering weight yarn, and therefore probably wouldn't be the best of ideas for socks. Oh well. I do still have some of the same color in Alpaca Lace, so at least I'm not completely giving it up.) It looks like I'll be getting some pretty laceweight mohair from that.

To top it all off, I'm just about ready to send out my Sock Yarn from Your Stash swap package. Granted, that'll be equaled out by the swap package I'll be getting, but it'll be cool to get something new.

So I've been doing pretty well not adding to the stash. I will be heading to Knit Wit later today to round out my swap package, so I may be in a little danger there, since while posting about my Susanna socks last night, I found that the Fibre Company has apparently discontinued the Canopy Sport. (At least it's not listed on their site. There's no note on the yarn page on Ravelry, but it's a small enough company, I'm not sure how active their editors are.) I think they still had some at Knit Wit, and I really liked the mostly solid colorways. So we'll see. I may have to buy at least another pair's worth today if they have it, since I've been enjoying working with it.

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