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Sunday, October 26, 2008

R.I.P III Reading Challenge

My RIP III Reading is done! I was starting to worry that this wasn't going to happen, as Paperspine has inexplicably been hopping over the first six books in my queue for my last three selection, and this included the final two (of which I only actually need to read one) RIP III books I'd queued up for the challenge. Fortunately, the Big Chicken Barn came through, and I found a copy of Nocturnes by John Connolly (autographed, even), staring out at me from the display at the top of the stairs when we visited there last weekend. Someone was looking out for my challenge reading.

This year, I read:
I was pretty happy with the selection. It was certainly less weighty than the tomes I went through last year. I've already moved this year's alternate (Tamsin by Peter Beagle) down in my queue, ready for next year's challenge.

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Nymeth said...

Congratulations on finishing :) You read some excellent books.