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Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm on vacation for the next week! Hurray! (I feel like I have an absolute surfeit of vacation this year, but it's really just the result of taking absolutely no time off from January through May, while I had a project at work, and then having to make sure I take all but the 40 hours we're allowed to carry over at year's end so I don't lose any of it.)

It's actually a good thing I have this time off this month. I have to get my car fixed up before I can get it inspected this year (extremely minor ding to my front fender that doesn't actually show until you turn on my left headlight and realized it's lower than the other. This is apparently un-inspectable.) So I have to deal with that.

I've also got an entire week of non-really hot weather to make a baby quilt, and since I'll have the sewing machine set up, I might be able to work on some other quilt UFOs I have hanging around. I'd had intentions of getting some quilting done for my July vacation, but it was just too hot in the apartment to do that. If today is any indication of the coming week, heat will be no problem. I just hope to get some sun, as it's easier for me to put fabrics together when I have some natural light to deal with.

I'm aiming to finish the quilt this week because my friend B (the mother of Blueberry) is celebrating her 30th birthday this year with a trip to the Chocolate Bar at Cafe Fleuri in Boston next Saturday, and I'd like to bring the gifts down with me. The BF can't come, so I've decided to make a day of it, and will be taking the train down (haven't taken an Amtrak train since college), and following up the chocolate with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. I'm a little bummed that the new Assyrian exhibit won't be starting until the day after I'll be there, but there's an Art Nouveau jewelry exhibit that looks interesting, and I haven't been to the museum since high school, so it'll realistically all be new again.

So that's about all I have planned for the coming week. We'll see how it all works out.


Jenn said...

I wish I had a surplus of vacation! I hate the having to earn it business - can't they just give me the two weeks straight off the bat? And then have some clause about how you can't use it all in the first few months or something? It's painful watching it build up so slowly!

I'll stop complaining and say HAPPY VACATION!!!!

Megan said...

We can technically use ours all at once, but we also acrue it, so if you use too much and quit, you'd owe the company. It's all very strange.