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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mackworth Island

Today's reward for working my butt off all morning on the quilt was a walk around Mackworth Island. I managed to reverse my all low tide all the time trend for this year, and arrived at high tide (and a high high tide at that). I've decided I actually like the island better at high tide. I love the way the water plays up all the other colors when it's closer to shore. I definitely prefer low tide if I'm in the mood for exploring, but high tide is better for pictures.

It was actually fairly cool when I got there, and much more so at the landward side, which is the opposite of how that usually works. The seaward side gets a lot more sun, so despite the sea breeze, it was actually more comfortable over there. There was a fantastically ominous fog bank (above) hanging just over the next ring of islands, so it was nice to have the sun to enjoy.

The fall flowers are out in full. (Ok, mushrooms aren't flowers, but they looked so cool I had to include them.), and there was even the odd example of fall foliage. (The particular bush above always seems to turn early.) I've always loved asters in the fall. They look so good mounded up in a field, or on the side of a wooded trail.

And finally, because of my recent Fort Williams stair post, I just had to include a picture of my absolute favorite random staircase in the world:

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