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Friday, September 19, 2008

Knitting Notes

Even with the marathon quilting sessions this week, I've also been doing some knitting. I finished Maelstrom sock number 1 last night. It's definitely a great pattern. I'm sort of wishing I'd chosen a different yarn, because some of the stitch definition is getting lost in the dark colors, but I do still really like the color, so I'll live. I probably won't be casting on the second sock until next week, but that's ok, since I still have the month of October to finish the pair and still have it count for Sockdown.

I've also done some more work on the Brocade Leaves sweater. It doesn't look like much, but that's because I had to frog the dang thing, again! It was the transition row that got me, again! Unfortunately, once that's messed up, I've been unable to rip back the row and do it again correctly to recover. This time, I finally got smart, and paid attention to where the SSKs were falling in comparison to the row before. Had I bothered to do this earlier, I could have saved myself a great deal of mental anguish. On the bright side, I've at least memorized the pattern now.

Lastly, I'll be casting on Jaywalker sock number 2 today so that I have something relatively straightforward to work on on the train tomorrow. The sweater would actually be easy enough, but I don't think it'll fit as well in my bag, so Jaywalker it is. (And since Boston jaywalkers were the inspiration for the pattern, it does seem rather apropos for a Boston train ride.)

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