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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Knitting Notes

Yeah, so I started out the morning at the Fibre Company tent sale. (It was actually the yard sale for the company owner. She recently got a distributor who is dying the yarn for her, so she's going to move to England to start up another version of the Fibre Company over there. I want her life. But I digress ;) So I spent an indecent amount on two sweater's worth of the above yarns. The green is their Organik yarn, and the purple is the Knightsbridge (and is apparently a discontinued color). I have a little less of the Knightsbridge, so will have to do either a vest or a simple sweater with that, but the Organik looks just perfect for the February Lady sweater. So, even though I'm feeling a little guilty, it was a great buy, and I'll get over it.

In actual project news, in a fit of productivity, I finished this hat for Blueberry in two nights. (I probably could have done it in one night if I hadn't had to go to work the next morning.) I love it. The color is perfect, and it was so easy to make (and I have a ton of the leaf yarn left, so I should be good for about five more iterations of just having to pick the fruit color). My mother had the really good idea of using something along the lines of a basket stitch to make it look like a raspberry.

The Maelstrom socks are progressing. I've taken to doing a full pattern repeat between various parts of Blueberry projects. (There are also Blueberry socks in progress, but I've now lost my light, so will photograph them later.) It's a great pattern, not hard at all, and pretty cool looking. I'm also really enjoying working with this yarn.

So, for the next week, I'll be continuing on pretty much as I have, working Blueberry's quilt into the mix. Once I can get the gifts out of the way, I'll pick up working on the sweater and scarf I have on the needles, and maybe start the second Jaywalker.


Katie said...

I was there on Friday morning! I bought a sweater's worth of Khroma, and 3 skeins of Knightsbridge. I can't pass up a deal. :-)

Megan said...

Yeah, it was definitely too good a deal to pass up :)