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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun with a Sewing Machine

I did all the set up work to get the squares for Blueberry's quilt today. I love this pattern, because it's basically: 1. Cut a bunch of strips. 2. Sew a bunch together and do a bit more cutting. 3. Sew everything that's left together.

I'm now ready for step 4, which is arrange everything so you like the way it looks and sew those together (I decided to wait for sun tomorrow to do this). And what results is something that looks far more complicated than it really is. So I'll be doing that tomorrow. Before I'm done, I'll also need to sew the top to the back, and then figure out the eternal tie vs. quilt question. And once that's done, I'll need to do binding. And then I really should give it a test run through the washer. And all this needs to be done in Friday, as I'm leaving bright and early Saturday morning for Boston. I can definitely do it, but it's going to be tight.

Since I was smart and brought my computer chair out to the table to sew, I was actually willing to keep going once I'd gotten to square stage on Blueberry's quilt. So out came the strips from the sunset quilt I started back in February (I'm so ashamed to realize it was that long ago), and I got those sewn together. I'd kept them to only an inch to keep the vertical scale I wanted, but the resulting horizontal scale will probably allow me to get two separate quilts out these strips. This is actually pretty cool, as that means I can make one for myself, and give one as a gift. So I've now got some additional motivation to get this done, because I can think of several hard to buy for people that would enjoy the finished product as a Christmas gift. I'm definitely bringing the computer chair out to sew more often! (I was on such a roll, I had to refill my bobbin three times!)

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