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Sunday, September 21, 2008


I'm still recovering from yesterday's trip down to Boston for B's birthday celebration at the Cafe Flueri Chocolate Bar. I'm mildly mortified to admit I only managed two trips, but trip number two was this:

That would be a chocolate crepe filled with white chocolate, dark chocolate, coconut and mixed berries, flambeed in Grand Marnier, and drizzled with Creme Anglaise. I realize now that I probably should have paced myself a bit better on this round, and I might have managed a third. But oh, was it goooooooood.

The hotel is located right in the middle of downtown Boston, hence the pictures that started this post. I don't actually get into downtown Boston that often, both because I refuse to drive there, so it always involves some sort of combination of BF driving, bus, train and/or T, and because my friends have mostly moved out of the immediate Boston 'burbs, so we have less reason to go down there.

I finished out the day by rolling myself over to the Museum of Fine Arts. While Portland has an excellent art museum, I really enjoy having the chance to go to museums that aren't all about paintings, because most paintings don't do much for me (gasp!). I had a great time wandering through all of the ancient artifact collections at the MFA. They also had an Art Nouveau jewelery exhibit that was beautiful, if a little on the overly crowded side. And the musical instruments room was a lot of fun. It was a great way to spend the afternoon, though I was a bit disappointed in the museum store. I like getting postcards of some of the things I've seen that I found most interesting on a particular trip, but their postcard selection wasn't very impressive, so I actually came away empty-handed.

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