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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Blueberry's Quilt

I really wanted to make Blueberry's quilt from some of the flannels in my stash, but I need six different colors for the quilt top, and I wasn't able to pull off any combinations in my stash. So I took a trip to Joann's yesterday (it's rather pathetically true that that largest city in Maine doesn't have its own quilt shop), but they didn't have anything good to add, and I'm not willing to do the driving necessary to shop at any of the decent 'local' quilt shops.

What Joann's did have was the fabric across the bottom of the above picture, which I bought to be the quilt back. I was sure I'd be able to pull six fat quarters' worth of fabric from my celestial-themed stash, and I was able to do that in about five minutes flat. So Blueberry will be getting a sky-themed quilt, which will be quite sufficiently different from his older brother's sea creature quilt to please me.

So, my project today is to get the quilt top cut, and hopefully at least the blocks themselves assembled. It's pretty overcast at the moment, so we'll see how that goes. For some reason, I sew a lot better in full sunlight.

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