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Monday, August 25, 2008

R.I.P III Reading Challenge

Well, now I know the summer has been flying along. It's time again for Carl V's R.I.P. Reading Challenge. (The mind boggles!)

I'm going to do Peril the First this year. This involves reading four books out of any of the subgenres represented in the challenge, sometime between 9/1 and 10/31. I've actually been saving up books all year for this list. I've got six to choose from, just to make sure library or mail delays (yay Paperspine!) don't thwart me.

My picks are:

The Ladies of Grace Adieu and other Stories - Susanna Clarke
Blood and Chocolate - Annette Krause
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer (Yes, I have managed not to read this yet...)
Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris
Nocturnes - John Connolly
Tamsin - Peter Beagle

I'm really excited to get started with this challenge, and since I've just got one book to go for the Mythopoeic Challenge, that should be shortly.


Carl V. said...

Such a delicious pool of books, I'm excited to see your reviews. The mind does boggle, where has the time gone? Not that I am complaining since we are entering my favorite period of the year, but I hate that time rushes by so quickly! I'm glad you are in again this year.

Megan said...

I totally agree. I love Fall, but it does seem to creep up pretty quickly, and then rush right back out of town in no time at all!

Quixotic said...

Indeed, where has the time gone?!

The Ladies of Grace Adieu is a lovely collection of stories.

I haven't read Twilight yet either, I feel very out of the loop! :)

Megan said...

I figure my time lag on getting to Twilight is just further proof that I'm old ;)