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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Knitting Notes

The gauntlets for L are done! And only three project changes later. I really hope she likes them, when she finally gets to wear them down in that hot Texas weather.

I definitely liked the Socks that Rock Raven Clan Valkyrie that I used for the gauntlets. The colors blend really interestingly. They definitely remind me a of the colors in a feather. I did get a slight bit of bleed of the black onto my fingers as I was knitting, but nothing too bad. I gave them a good vinegar bath last night, so that will hopefully set the last of the dye. The water was clear the entire time I was washing them.

I have almost half of the skein of yarn left, so I'll have to think of something fun to do with that. I'm tempted to do baby socks, but I'm not sure if I want to scar any parents for life if I forget to warn them that baby might have black feet the first time s/he wears them.

I'm about two rows away from turning the heel on the Jaywalkers. I had to a take a forced break today when I managed to give myself a paper cut right on the pad of my pushing finger. That was not going so well. I'm hoping to get these done before I get my first Sock Yarnista package from Three Irish Girls, but we'll see. I'm won't be too cut up about it if I don't.

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