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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Coyote Blue - Christopher Moore

Read for the TBR Reading Challenge

Christopher Moore writes a great comic book. He can bring humor to situations usually better left touched only with great gravity and tack. I hate to say it, but I wasn’t feeling that so much with Coyote Blue.

The premise is certainly a good one: a Crow Indian named Samson Hunts Alone has run away from the reservation, leaving his heritage behind and assuming the new identity of Samuel Hunter, expert salesman. Life is going great until the ancient trickster god Coyote decides that Sam needs to help, and hilarity ensues. I kept waiting for the hilarity. It actually wasn’t a bad story, except that it was a Christopher Moore story, so I expected it to be a bit more over the top. Instead, Coyote is a good seemingly out of touch with the modern world. I’d think of any of the old gods, the Trickster would be the one to keep up with the times.

The book does have the introduction of a recurring character in some of Moore’s other story lines, so that at least was a satisfying part of the story.

My final thought upon finishing the book is that Neil Gaiman does it better. If you want a fun romp through the world as the old gods meddle in the lives of us mere mortals, read Anansi Boys.

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