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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vacation Day 2

I will first quickly mention that vacation day 1 was taken up with the epic task of cleaning up my desk. This somehow turned into the epic task to clean up my crap in the bathroom cabinet, the pile of badness on my bureau, and the stuff on my desk. I've completed the bathroom and bureau portions of this task (actually, the bureau is now so unstacked, I may have to find something to put up on the wall to break up the white space), but the desk is only about half done.

So, for my first day out of the house, on what is supposed to be the best day this week, I decided to hit Freeport for some shopping. And since I was heading in that direction anyway, I decided I should check out the yarn stores in Brunswick. Apparently, the Purl Diva isn't open on Tuesday, so I only hit The Knitting Experience Cafe. I think I'm actually glad I was only able to hit one, because I promptly blew about eighty bucks on some needles and sock yarn.

The top yarn is some Panda Cotton, which I'll be using for socks for my mother (yeah, those Nutkin socks I made her for Mother's Day? Too small. So I'm going to them to my sister, but I'm really mad about that, because Mom loved them, and they were really perfect for her on a number of levels other than the size). For myself, I bought some Spunky Electic (middle) and some Schaefer Anne. I really love the Schaefer Anne. The colors are amazing, and I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like knitted up.

I definitely liked the Knitting Experience. I had a lovely conversation with Chesley, and the selection was quite decent and varied. (Totally could have bought more sock yarn, but managed to restrain myself.)

Freeport on the other hand, was a disappointment. I did get a present for my MIL for Christmas (she collects crescent moon ornaments, and I found a pretty cool one done by one of the local design companies), but LL Bean was completely out of Tevas that are not flip flops (I really need new ones. My current ones have reached critical stink mass.), and Abacus has stopped carrying the necklace I've been lusting after for ages, but have not found an excuse to buy. However, I did make plans to hang out with T on Thursday while sitting in the Freeport parking lot, so some good came out of being there.

My remaining task (heh) for the day is to read a book. I love vacation!


Jenn said...

Ohhh! That Schaefer Anne is GORGEOUS!!

Okay? Yarn cafe? Best idea ever!!

Diane said...

Isn't PTO the best!!!! Enjoy!!!

Megan said...

Jenn: They have two enormous red couches. Food and smooshy seating. Can't get better than that :) And I love that Schaefer Anne. Most expensive sock yarn I've ever bought, but the color is just so amazing!

Diane: PTO is indeed wonderful. Hope you all had fun at the last Lifepro check in meeting without me :)