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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Had another two movie week this week.

It started on Thursday with Hellboy II, which is probably best described by the word charming. Not that I thought I'd be able to apply that word to this kind of movie, but then, I also didn't think I'd get a Barry Manilow earworm out of it either. I say it's charming because it came across as a nice little family and friendship tale with really cool monsters thrown into the mix. I really enjoyed it, and would definitely see it again.

The other movie we saw last night was The Dark Knight, of which I can only say: Wow. The story was great, and threw in a number of twists I didn't see coming (and some I totally did, but I was clearly in a minority of people that have followed the story in the past, based on theater reactions). Heath Ledger's performance was completely amazing, and he better be nominated for an Oscar. I really loved the little side trip to Hong Kong, and loved, loved the way they dressed Maggie Gyllenhaal (if only I were that willowy...). Just an amazing movie. I'd go see that one again in the theater, even.

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