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Friday, July 25, 2008

Mackworth Island

As a celebration of my first day of vacation freedom, I headed over to Falmouth for a walk around Mackworth Island. I was almost foiled by the dang truck attending to the portapotties, which was taking up half the already tiny parking lot, but I managed to get in.

It actually wasn't that great a day for pictures. It was hot. And very sunny. Which was kind of funny, because there was a huge fog bank lurking off shore (those aren't just very low clouds in the above picture), so there were fog horns going off left and right as I was sweating my way around the path. It was still a lovely walk. You're guaranteed to get a good breeze on the ocean side of the island, and today was definitely no exception.

What today was good for was butterfly/moth pictures. They were all over the place! The below is just a sampling of what I saw. There were also bees and other pollinating bugs galore. I felt like I was wandering through a giant buffet.

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