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Friday, July 25, 2008

Knitting Notes

Slight change in socks I'm making for L. I switched over to the River Rapids sock pattern, since I'm working with a more or less sport weight yarn, and the Waving Lace pattern was not doing it with the yarn I'm using. It's a pretty simple, cool looking pattern, and I'm definitely enjoying it. It's also got a really well reinforced heel, which means these will work as boot socks, which is a definite bonus.

I frogged my Icarus Shawl for now. I hadn't enlarged the pattern, so was getting massively off just a few rows into the first chart. I definitely need to copy it so I can start marking off the rows I've already done, which will then help me keep on track for the row I'm currently doing. I also realized that a shawl will probably be a better Fall or winter project. I'd briefly started the Elizabeth I - Gloriana scarf (which I'm hoping to have done for Christmas for my MIL), and that just seems like a better summer project. I've actually frogged that one as well, as I started it out on the recommended size 1 needles, but it wasn't looking lacy enough. I'm going to purchase some size 2's and see how that goes. I also now have the size 3's available since Icarus is currently snoozing.

The last thing I started last night was swatching for the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket. It was nice, easy knitting, and will probably be a good side project once I get the socks out of the way.

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