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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Knitting Notes

The Nutkin socks are done! I'm overall very happy with the pattern, even if the short row heels (and toes) did initially kick my butt. Once I found a short row method I actually liked, I was much happier with that part of the project, and pretty much breezed through those sections in the second sock. In fact, the second sock was completely frog free.

I also really loved the Pine Woods sock yarn I used. I fully intend to head over to Seaport Yarns and pick some up for myself (hopefully in blue), once I've knit down a bit more of what's in my stash. (That's six skeins at the moment, though one of those is already assigned to a project that I'm planning on starting once the Embossed Leaves socks - see below - are done. But, I've also joined a sock club, so that'll be adding to the stash shortly.)

I've also resurrected the Embossed Leaves socks. I actually started the cuff last night, using my Harmony 2.25 mm size 1 needles. I swear these are the needles I used before, since I transferred them over from my same size 1 Brittany's, but I can't match the gauge I got with the last sock (which was the reason I frogged the nearly completed 2nd sock before I put this project to sleep for a little while). So, I'm going to start them again on size 2.50 mm size 1's today, and hope that'll get back up to the gauge of sock number one. Here's hoping this'll work.

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