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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hamilton House, South Berwick

Hamilton House is a really neat 18th century house on a bluff overlooking the Salmon River in southern Maine. I've unfortunately never managed to hit in when I could go inside the house, but the gardens are so lovely I haven't really minded.

Monday was particularly lovely because we had the place entirely to ourselves. (The last time we visited, we arrived at the same time as a gaggle of teenagers who clearly did not want to be there with their parents. It's amazing how much more serene it was in their absence.)

The garden was lovely, with day lilies and hollyhocks being the real stand outs at this point in the year. They've also newly (re)-installed a marble fountain in the garden closest to the house.

I just love wandering around the grounds. It's so nice to have the formal garden views melt into the river scenery in the background. It was definitely the perfect stop to end our weekend away.

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