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Friday, July 4, 2008


The garden is coming along quite nicely. It's actually fairly colorful the entire way down the line, on top of a great deal of various green foliage. I seem to have hit upon a fairly good mix to obscure the worst of the bulb foliage, so while a good chunk of that is still there, it's not as jarringly obvious as in years past.

I love my zinnias, and the speedwell is blooming! I have one final plant from the batch I bought last year that still needs to bloom (well, two if you count the phlox). At least, I'm pretty sure it's from the batch last year. There are two of them, and I bought most of the things in twos, but I don't remember buying another tall plants, and this one is tall. So here's hoping it's not a weed I've managed to get firmly entrenched in that part of the garden.

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