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Sunday, July 6, 2008


This little masterpiece was an amalgam of a number of different Asian-inspired noodle salads I've come across in my travels, and basically came out like a deconstructed spring roll, with chicken. I poached the chicken with some peppercorns, salt and bay in the water, and it came out as some of the moistest, most flavorful chicken I've had in a while. The salad itself was full of cilantro-y, limey, minty goodness. Perfect summer weekend food. BF and I both went back for seconds, and I'm looking forward to leftovers for lunch tomorrow.


Diane said...

Gosh Megan, when are you going to be giving cooking classes?

Megan said...

No class necessary. You just need to stop hanging out on Ravelry for a while, and instead devote that time to scouring the web for recipes. That's my secret. ;)