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Monday, June 30, 2008


I spent most of this weekend down in MA. The main purpose of the trip was a surprise party for my friend L, who is moving down to TX for grad school in about a week. She had managed to figure out that something was going on, but was completely surprised by how many people we'd managed to get to the party, so that was a lot of fun. BF took all of today off, and I didn't have to go to work until12, so we were able to stay late last night, hanging out, chowing on Chinese food, and generally shooting the breeze. It was an absolute blast, and a good send off for L, who I'm going to miss terribly!

On Saturday, we attempted to get into the Kendall Square Theater in Cambridge to see the Fall, but the Force clearly wasn't with us in that attempt, so instead we ended up wandering around Harvard Square for a while. (It used to be a lot more fun. There just aren't that many stores down there that particularly interest me anymore.) On our way out of town, we stopped at Penzeys Spices. BF has been looking for Schzewan peppercorns for a while, and I've been wanting to check out a bunch of their spice blends without having to pay shipping. After that, we got in a Trader Joe's trip. (Yep, I yawn at Harvard Square, but squee over the food stores. I'm getting oooold ;) That was punctuated by a Brigham's frappe. Just a good day all around.

On Sunday before the party, as a distraction, we stopped at the Nashoba Winery. I can now say that our wine cupboard is full, the apples are well on their way, and raspberry flowers are really cool!

It was pretty weird driving back this morning, knowing I'd have to head into work pretty much as soon as we hit the house. Fortunately, the afternoon flew by, and I now only have three days left to work. I love holiday weekends!!

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