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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Iris Again

My other two bearded iris are blooming, and have brought a bit of a mystery. The iris I had previously labeled as Harvest King in my last iris post is actually Chinese New Year 1996. That means that the top iris in this post is a Supreme Sultan Old. That leaves the bottom picture to be Harvest King, except Harvest King is supposed to have a much darker top than beard, and this iris is much more similarly colored. So I don't know if the picture I had from the website when I bought them was just plan wrong, or if the rhizome was mislabeled. I actually got the Harvest King as a bonus when I bought the other two, and I definitely like whatever it is I got, so c'est la vie, I guess.

Here are the iris in my father's Portland garden. He's actually in the process of taking them up to Ellsworth, which makes me a bit sad, as he's going to divide some of them to share with my mother, and if I had more room, I could take some too. Oh well. At least they'll still be up in Ellsworth when I finally buy a house.

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