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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Skellig - David Almond

Skellig is a lovely little story about a boy named Michael, who’s going through a pretty rough time in his life. His family has recently moved, and his newborn baby sister is very sick, and they’re not entirely sure she’ll live. His parents haven’t even given her a name yet.

Because of the calamity, he manages to get some time off of from school, and during this time, meets a girl named Mina, who’s home schooled. At the moment, she’s studying birds.

Throughout this story is the story of Skellig, a man that Michael finds in the dilapidated garage at this new house. There’s something odd about Skellig (it actually even takes a while to discover his name), and Michael finally enlists Mina to help him help Skellig.

The book’s a very quick read. It’s definitely aimed for the younger end of young adult. (My library actually has it in the juvenile fiction section, though I’d had it labeled young adult in my own records when I first noticed it.) It’s a lovely little book with great atmosphere. This was apparently the author’s first non-adult novel, and I’m definitely interested in seeing what else he has to offer.

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