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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Knitting Notes

So I finally sucked it up and took the Sitcom Chic sweater out of my work bag last night. My theory of what had gone wrong was that in my haste to line up the raglan decreases on the top of the eyelet rows, I'd gotten them off at that point, and not noticed. And I was correct. However, last night, I also saw that I'd shifted the row over one stitch in one of the raglan sets below the eyelet, so I ended up having to rip out to about five rows below the eyelet. Then, once I'd gotten everything back on the needles and done the next row just to get all the stitches lined up correctly (I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the stitches on oriented correctly when I put them back on the needles. They're generally about half and half each way, and I have no idea why), I realized that the spacing was actually off below the eyelet. So, I did some quick fixing on the next row, and then plowed my way up through the eyelet rows. I was much more careful with the counting this time, and realized that only one stitch marker was off. Unfortunately, I appear to have moved it two stitches in the opposite direction from where it needed to go. So, I need to pull back that row, and pay much better attention this time, but once I get this row done, I think I'll be ok (cross all fingers and toes). At least I'm pretty close to the end still. If I'd had to rip it back any farther than what I did yesterday, I'm not sure I would have been able to motivate myself to finish it.

I'm also past the heel turn and decreases on the Embossed Leaves socks, and into the regular tubey part of the foot. I think I'll concentrate on finishing those first (once I at least get the stitch markers to where they should be on the sweater), since they're so close, and I want something done by the end of the month!

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