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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Knitting Notes

Not that it's terribly obvious from the photo, but I've attached the sleeves on my Sitcom Chic sweater, and am heading toward the end of the decrease rows directly above that. As a reward, I even let myself cast on the second Embossed Leaves sock, though I'm currently just in the ribbing rows on that, so no picture.

I put in a Knit Picks order last week, and picked up the sea-colored lace sampler, as well as some Merino Style yarn to make the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket. I went with blue, instead of the red from the original pattern, because really, I'm just not a red kind of girl. No idea what to make with the lace yarn yet, though I did get the Elizabeth scarf patterns with my order, and may have to go on a lace scarf binge for Christmas gifts. I could easily cover my mother, sister and MIL with those.

I also picked up a couple skeins of Sophie's Toes sock yarn from a woman doing a massive destash on Ravelry. They even arrive the same day as the Knit Picks around, though I'd bought them almost a full week later. Gotta love individual shipping.

My mother has requested socks for Mother's Day, and she's even decided to try some wool. I'm leaning towards using the locally dyed stuff I got at Seaport Yarn. I've also been wanting to try some toe up socks, so I may try one of those patterns. I have Vinnland in my queue right now, but might change my mind. I did tell her she's have to wait until I finished the current pair I'm working on, and she was fine with that, since it's not really wool sock season anymore anyway.


Jenn said...

OhhH! i can't wait to learn to knit at GenCon!!!!

Megan said...

I need to get you on Ravelry so I can make you look at pictures of my stash and lure you into buying your own ;)