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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Knitting Notes

I have second sleeve syndrome. I promised myself I wouldn't cast on my second Embossed Leaves sock until I'd at the very least finished sleeve number two for my Sitcom Chic sweater. Naturally, I then took about three days off from knitting of any kind. I also managed to place a Knitpicks order, where I got a lace sampler pack and yarn to the make the Pearl Buck Swing Jacket.

I did pick the sleeve back up on Thursday, and I'm now finished with the 10th of a set of 12 increase rows. So it's looking much better now. I also suspect that once the sleeve is done, I'll have a lot more motivation to press ahead with the rest of the sweater, as it gets a lot more interesting once I can attach the sleeves.

So that's the state of that. I'd like to think I can finish the second sleeve, and get both attached to the sweater by next Saturday.

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