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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Lots of plants to see this weekend. With the super warm day we had on Thursday, a lot of stuff has hopped into existence in the last couple of days. In order, left to right, top to bottom:

1. Rhodys in my Dad's garden.
2. Forget me nots in my Dad's garden.
3. Mini iris in my garden. These guys are blink and you miss them bloomers, so I was happy to spot them today.
4. Pansies in my garden.
5. Solomon's seal in my garden.
6. Muscari in my garden.
7. Wild bleeding heart in my garden.

The bleeding heart are among the container plants I put out in the shady back garden. I haven't really set them up yet, since our landlord is supposedly replacing our furnaces this spring, and the normal spot for the planters is smack in the middle of the path to the basement. However, we haven't heard a peep from him, so I think I'm going to at least drag those pots over there tomorrow. I also have a heuchera and some hostas that go in that area, and they're all starting to look good. I'm sure this will mean he'll call on Monday to make arrangements, but at this point, I don't care.

I also ended up at Lowes and Home Depot today, by accident. I swear. And I broke down and bought a calla lily, which doesn't count, because it's a houseplant!, and I also bought a container of salvia. I usually try to avoid getting annuals a) this early, and b) when they're already blooming this much, but these are so cool, I had to buy them:

It's black and blue sage (salvia), and the contrasting sepals and petals are just so pretty, I had to have them. I have them outside for now, and I'll just keep an eye out for any frost danger and bring them in for the night if it looks like it's getting too cold. They've at least been outside at Lowes, so I'm hoping they'll be ok out in my side garden. It does get pretty warm out there when it's sunny.

Other than that, I'm just enjoying the trees. I love how different they all look this time of year, before the regular leaves come in. Once the real leaves are in, everything is pretty much the same green (I guess the same type of chlorophyll as a coloring agent will do that), but the variety of true flowers and tree flowers this time of year is a good show.


Jenn said...

Ohh, that salvia is gorgeous!!!!

Megan said...

I wish it was a perienniel. That's the only thing keeping it from being perfect ;)