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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Garden Part One

The Memorial Day Garden Marathon part one is over! This morning (I've gotten smarter about these things, and just go out early before I've actually showered), I headed out and planted the six plants I've already managed to pick up before my regularly scheduled trip to Broadway Gardens. Above is the back yard shade garden, which houses the new the new hosta, heuchera and calla lily. I also replanted the dregs of the pulmonaria from last year (one leaf came back, and it was a pretty large clump), and well as brought the bedding begonias and oxalis outside for the summer. The begonias don't look like much right now because I pruned them within an inch of their lives, and the oxalis is looking pretty leggy, but I hope some outside sun will cure that. I also dragged the large coleus pot into position, so I don't have move all the pots out of the way again.

In the side garden, I did some weeding and mulch refresh, and potted up the trailing campanula and felicia. The bed's still pretty well overrun by bulbs right now, but the summer perennials are definitely coming along. The iris and chives are budding, and a whole lot of other things are sending out shoots left and right. I actually tried doing a panoramic picture, but I have to remember to take them lengthwise rather than width-wise, or PhotoStitch cuts out around half the picture when it's merging them. So I may try that again tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, I'm hoping to get to Broadway Gardens when it opens, in hopes of securing a parking space and getting out before it gets too crazy. The only two things I definitely want are white bedding begonias (to fill in a spot in the pot in back) and a coleus or two. Other than that, we'll see what they have that looks good. I seem to be tending toward a cool color palette with what I've picked up before, but president has never stopped me before ;)

I also have a few house plants that need repotting, but if I don't get to those tomorrow, Monday will be just fine too.

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