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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Garden Part Deux

Broadway Gardens was open at 8 this morning, and someone was snoring like a wounded harbor seal at about 8:15 this morning, so since I was awake, I got up, took a shower, grabbed an iced coffee at DD, and arrived at about 8:45. This turned out to be the perfect time. I got a parking space right at the end of the first row, and was still able to snag a relatively small cart. By the time I left, they were directing traffic, and people were stalking the cash registers to grab carts when they became available.

I got: two types of coleus (one large, and a flat of small ones in a complementary color to fill in the feet), white begonias, pink impatiens, and an orangish double impatien (all to fill in the strawberry pot and some holes in other pots), some torena, a cranesbill, a Jacob's ladder, some English daisies, and some zinnias.

The strawberry pot plants, torena, coleus and Jacob's ladder ended up in the back shade garden. It's looking a little spare at the moment, but one things start to fill in, I'm hoping it'll look as good as it did last year.

The English daisies and cranesbill are in pots in the side garden. The zinnias will end up in the back of this garden, but it was already pretty baked out there by the time I was done with everything else (it's right on the driveway and gets sun all day), so I'll plant those either later tonight, or early tomorrow, once it's cooled off.

At this point, other than the zinnias, all I have left to do is a little clean up in the house plant department, and I should be pretty much set for the year. I think I've taken care of the fall flowering department a little better then I did last year, so hopefully, I can carry what I have through to the end of the season.


Jenn said...

Ohh, Jacob's ladder! I want to get one of those.

Megan said...

This one's really pretty. It's got variegated foliage.

If it actually survives the winter, I'll see if it's big enough to divide.