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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Roll me home please

I love birthdays, and the inherit opportunity for good food they entail.

Last night, we went to my mother's house, where we were treated to wild salmon with a balsamic glaze, a very interesting spinach salad featuring beets (!), oranges, shallots, walnuts and chives (fresh from the garden), and quinoa. Dessert was a strawberry merlot pie. For some reason, the graham cracker crust had disintegrated into the pie, but that actually served to give it an interesting texture. We were sent home with the rest of it, but I won't be sampling anymore until at least tomorrow, because...

Tonight, the BF and I went to the Frog and Turtle for dinner. We started with the cheese platter, which featured two cheeses from NH, and a Spanish sheep's milk cheese, with a platter of interesting additions. The two cheeses from NH were especially good. For entrees, BF tried their burger (previously recommended), which featured Ninja sauce (our waiter described it as a buffalo sauce with taste). I had braised chicken crepes, which were were excellent. We also had dessert. BF had some of their homemade ice cream, some sort of bourbon amaretto caramel flavor, with flambeed bananas. I had a lovely apple turnover in phyllo, with an eggnog creme anglaise sauce. They'd found out it was my birthday, and I got a lovely dark chocolate Happy Birthday around the edge of my plate, as well as a candle. And, to top it off, I actually got a birthday card with our check, signed by everyone working that night in the restaurant. It was a fabulous dinner. I'd definitely go there again, and recommend it to anyone.

I'm not sure I'll need to eat again before Friday.

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