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Sunday, April 20, 2008


So just yesterday I was telling my mother that I'd been avoiding the garden centers because I really wanted some pansies, but didn't quite know what to do with them, so wasn't going to buy any. This morning, at her church, one of the parishioners brought in a ton of pansies she didn't want any more (apparently, she overbought), and gave them to my mom. My mother immediately remembered our conversation yesterday, and brought most of them over to me. So I now have three pots of blue, purple and white pansies in the side garden. Yay!

My lilies have started to sprout. Last year, they barely did anything, after getting a pretty bad lily beetle infestation. I had a particular type of organic bug spray recommended to me last year, and managed to track some down. I'm going to have to douse them at least once a week (more if it rains), but if it'll keep away those damn bugs, I'll do it.

In other flower news, I found another type of glory of the snow in the next door neighbor's garden. We had a more blue variety under a tree in our yard when I was growing up (we'd liberated them from our old church rectory grounds before they turned it into parking lot). They're usually the earliest thing to bloom each year, and I had no idea there were actually different varieties available. I swear, when I buy a house, I'm going to need several acres of land to go with to house all of the plants I've seen and now want to grow.

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