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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Garden Notes

The garden is coming along, considering how early it still is for the season. The hyacinths have actually started to bud, so I'll soon have more then just crocus.

Thursday was an absolutely lovely, seasonally warm day, so I took the opportunity to take all of my perennial pots out of winter hibernation in the garage. The sunny plants went to their normal home in the side garden (the pot in the above picture of a mum of some sort I had given to me last year, and I also have some mini campanula, sedum and two mints in pots in the that garden). The bulbs are also coming in fast and furious, with daffodils, tulips, chives and garlic chives leafing out nicely.

I also have a number of shade plants in pots. Normally, these go next to our back stairs, but we're supposed to be getting our furnaces replaced anytime now, and that would put them directly in the path for the basement access, so I've had to find a temporary home for those pots in another part of the back garden. I'm hoping the furnace work won't be too long, because once the leaves come in on the trees around our backyard, almost all of the back yard is too shady for most plants, even the real shade lovers. But they should be fine for now. We're just getting tree buds, so full leaves will still be some time to come.

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