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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Distraction of the Day - Mackworth Island, Falmouth

I headed out fairly early this morning to make sure I could get to Mackworth Island while there was still room in the lot. It was a bit windy on the seaward side of the island, but it was still a beautiful morning out there.

It was a good day to notice structure. The leaves are only starting to bud, so there are plenty of interesting root and trunk formations to be seen. It's also weird standing there and knowing that a year ago, they were cleaning up the mess from the Patriot's Day nor'easter. You can see in the picture of Governor Baxter's pet cemetary, that the woods were thinned out pretty significantly, and a year hasn't made much of a difference in how that looks.

I was hoping for some wild flowers, and did manage to find some trout lilies, though not many. I suspect they'll be much easier to find in a week or so, as I saw plenty of their spotted leaves, and wouldn't be surprised if that means that flowering has just begun.

I also saw a woodpecker, near the pet cemetery. Actually, I heard her first, working on an old birch tree. I will say, that was one thing reason to enjoy the lack of trees in that area. I actually had a pretty good view of her working.


Jenn said...

I need to come visit so you can take me there - it looks so lovely! And a real life pet cemetery - nice and creepy ;)

Megan said...

Yep, you totally need to come visit!

And it's not nearly as creepy now that it's not in the middle of the woods :)