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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield

Read for the TBR Reading Challenge

I do enjoy a good book where I’m completely surprised when the mystery is resolved at the end of the story.

The build up of this story was great. Margaret Lea, a book store employee who has published a couple of biographical essays, but is certainly not known for her work, is inexplicably summoned by Vida Winters, one of the most popular living authors, to write her biography.

And what a biography it is. Miss Winters' story is the story of the eccentric family that once owned the Angelfield estate. It’s the story of the twins Adeline and Emmeline, and their rather unconventional upbringing.

You can tell from almost the beginning that there is a twist in this story, and there are definitely clues to this twist, but I wasn’t able to catch them. The end and resolution of this story were just so satisfying. I’ll say it again, I do enjoy being surprised.


jenclair said...

I loved this one - mostly because of all of the allusions to books I loved in the gothic tradition (Rebecca, Jane Eyre, etc.)

Megan said...

Exactly! It's fun to have those additional allusions.

Carl V. said...

I managed to pick this up and read it immediately when it came out last year and I fell for it hard. What an amazingly atmospheric book. I was lost in it and look forward to reading it again someday.