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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mexican Macaroni and Cheese - What's Not to Love?

Sure, it's a bastardization of a Rachael Ray recipe (my love of her oeuvre shames me, for no particularly good reason), but it's Mexican macaroni and cheese! There's chicken, and cilantro-y goodness! A combination of two of my comfort food standbys. I've been on a nearly two week long stretch of cooking apathy (mostly induced by the fact that it's winter and it feels like I'll never have good fresh local produce ever again!), and it was good to get back on the cooking wagon. I'm actually looking forward to my lunch leftovers again.


Jenn said...

I want the recipe! I bet we can switch in tofu for the chicken....I keep seeing the pic on my friends page and it's making me SO hungry!!

Megan said...

I'll take a look tonight. If we're lucky, it's online. If not, I can probably scan it.