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Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Mallorean - David Eddings

My cracktasic whirlwind tour of David Eddings’ longest story continues.

The Mallorean picks up where the Belgariad left off, after Garion has defeated the dark god Torak, and all should be right with the world. Naturally, it’s not. Turns out, killing Torak was something that had to happen before the ultimate showdown between the Dark and Light prophesies.

And that’s about that. This series, a bit more then the Belgariad, reminded me why I haven’t read these books in quite a while. Don’t get me wrong, I will forever love these books, but the second series is a bit more demonstrative about why these books, while extremely enjoyable, aren’t on par with Tolkein, et al. I’m not going to record why my childhood favorites contained a few disappointments this read around, and I will end this by simply stating that these books are definitely enjoyed best for the first time in the preteen or teen years. You’ll have more fun with them then.

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