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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knitting Notes

The baby Yoda sweater is coming along. I've got the back and sides done, and sleeve #1 is cast on. It's been an interesting experience. This is definitely the barest bones pattern I've worked with so far, so it's been nice to have to figure out what decrease I need to do to achieve the correct look for the side I'm working on at that moment.

The only slight weirdness I've had is the initial finishing for the two side pieces seems to be written backwards (or I'm just completely turned around). I ended up ripping out a few rows of my first side after I completed the second side and saw that they just weren't going to work to join them the way the pattern had for finishing. The ripping went surprisingly well, so I'm actually glad I had to do that. It was nice to prove I could and not end up frogging the entire finished piece.

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