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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Knitting Notes

I cast on the Baby Yoda Sweater earlier this week, to give me something smaller to work on, since my Jaywalkers are temporarily hibernating. The back of that is coming along pretty well, though I haven't gotten quite as much done as I might have otherwise, due to some crack-tastic David Eddings marathon reading (review forthcoming). Since it's a rainy mess here today, I should hopefully be able to get the back done this weekend.

I did make it to Knit Wit to get some regular size 1 needles so I can use those to cast on the Jaywalkers (I have sock sized DPNs in size 1, and I'm really not in the mood to figure out the best way to cast on using those). I'm hoping that will solve my sizing issue that caused my previous frog, so we'll see. The recipient of the baby sweater is coming along quite rapidly, so I should probably try to get that done before I attempt the socks again.

I also need to remember to avoid the yarn wall when I go in for needles, and only needles. I came out with the needles I needed, and some Canopy sock yarn. It's so dang soft! (Well, with baby alpaca, merino and bamboo, it better be soft.) I suppose, since I do currently have around 100 sock patterns I could happily make, that if I just restrain my impulse buying to sock yarn, I shouldn't do too badly.

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