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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Food 2.0 Secrets from the Chef Who Fed Google - Charlie Ayers

I got my first earlier reviewer book from LibraryThing. I feel so special!

I don’t normally count cookbooks as real reading material, because they’re generally more flip through and skim the recipe title type books, but at least the first half of Food 2.0 dealt more with the philosophy of why the author cooks the foods that he does, and was interesting reading material. If you didn’t already know, Google provides its employees with free lunches and dinners, and if this book represents the type of fare they’re served, I’m definitely jealous.

The author’s three major points for cooking good food are to keep it local and organic, and keep it raw, and keep it fermented. He offers a number of tips for figuring out how to buy your food this way, as well as ways to make sure you’re eating more fruits and vegetables. He also speaks to the beauty of a well-stocked pantry and fridge.

The concepts in this book aren’t necessarily that new to me (my mother has been cooking this way as much as possible for years), but I think it’s well packaged and should be a great guide to anyone trying to eat more consciously.

There are a number of recipes I’m interested to try, including the Dragon Breath Noodles, many of the salads, and the Butternut Chilijack. This is definitely a cookbook I can use.

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