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Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Winter Oak - James Hetley

Have I mentioned I can be an obsessive completist? I read The Summer Country last year, and I thought it was mainly ok. So, on the way to Thanksgiving at my father’s, I stopped at the Big Chicken Barn, and managed to find The Winter Oak. Hey, it was used, and cheapish, and I do have a morbid fascination with finding out what happens next (for all things in general), so I bought it.

And again, I didn’t hate it. I’m still annoyed with the entire concept of Naskeag Falls. (And the Naskeag are apparently an Indian tribe. Add that to my annoying pile.) But, I will say, I appreciated the author’s bringing the Summer Country into the modern world a bit more this time around. Not that it’s really a part of the modern world, but it’s been touched by its influence, and there was something about that that I enjoyed. Also, I appreciated Maureen and Jo’s reaction to finding that they aren’t entirely human, and the powers that they possess.

I think I’m glad that his other two books aren’t related to these two. I’m not going to feel the need to pick either of them up if I find them used.

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