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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Why, yes, I am a follower...

So the rest of my tax refund treat came today (part one was the Interweave Sock book). Two skeins of Socks that Rock Raven Clan medium weight. I got Thraven and Valkerie. Valkerie because I think it would make good socks for my best friend - the perky goth with red streaked hair. I got the Thraven, because, well, because all the drooling got the better of me. I am such a follower. It's a good thing I have around fifty sock patterns saved to my Ravelry favorites.

To top that off, despite the fact that I had a TBR Challenge book lined up to begin last night, BF has been rereading the Belgariad, and it turns out those books have a siren call to them. I'm not actually sure the last time I read them (probably read each of them at least ten times each a decade or so ago), and found myself, quite by accident, reading Pawn of Prophecy in bed last night. But hey, considering the fact that he's on book three in about five days of reading, and I read twice as fast as he does, I suppose I shouldn't be too worried about this reading detour.

In other news, turns out my brilliant idea to use size 2 needles on my Jaywalkers wasn't so brilliant after all. I kind of overlooked the fact that this is actually a sport weight yarn, and well, let's just say, the way that heel flap was going, those socks would have been perfect for the BF. However, they're A) not his color, and B) would have required all the yarn for one sock (turns out I should listen to my feelings of paranoia on that front). So, they've been frogged. I'll try them again with size 1 needles.

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