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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Notes

I had a rather lovely, fairly productive weekend. Saturday was my mother's birthday, and we did a little girl's afternoon out to the Skillin's annual open house at their Falmouth greenhouse. Mom found a really cool Greenman to replace the eagle decoration that came with her garage, and I bought a new oxalis to replace the one I tried and failed to bring in to overwinter. I think I actually like this variety (Iron Cross) better than the one I had before, which was purple with white flowers.

I also managed some pretty good progress on the devil hat I've been knitting as a baby gift, enough that I'm starting to contemplate what's next on my needles. I think it'll be socks. I bought two different sock yarns in my last Knit Picks order, and am eager to try both out. I'm just not sure what pattern to go for. I actually bought a Lily of the Valley pattern, so should probably go for that next, but I'm little more attracted to the yarn I didn't buy to make that. So we'll see.

We're doing dinner for my mom tomorrow night, so I got a jump on things today, and have individual molten lava chocolate cakes currently sitting in my fridge, ready to be popped in the oven. I know it's bad to eat raw egg, but the batter for these cakes is soooo good! I'm really looking forward to those tomorrow, especially since we're supposed to get rain the whole day, and I'm sure they'll be a lovely evening pick me up.

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