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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knitting Notes

I'm very nearly done with the Lil' Devil Baby Hat. Just need to weave in the current ends, and then make the horns. I confess to a certain level of trepidation for the horns, as it involves picking up stitches in a triangular shape, supposedly above the ear flaps, but doing this in a hat divided into seven sections. I'm sure it'll work out, but their are issues of symmetry that my brain isn't liking very much at the moment, hence the reason why this project is pretty much 95% done, yet I'm not finishing it.

So, instead, I cast on Jaywalker Socks. I'm really liking this pattern. It's incredibly easy to remember, and looks really cool in the Sereknitty yarn I bought in the fall. I'm definitely enjoying these socks.

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