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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Knitting Notes

I actually finished my Fetching mitts on Sunday. I think the lovely warmth I was getting from one mitt spurred me on, because they were done in near record time. They're keeping my hands warm in my chilly house as I type this. No picture, since I haven't had the time to monkey with posing something I'm wearing on my two hands. My finished picture of the first one may end up being the definitive picture for the project on Ravelry.

I've also done some work on my Sitcom Chic sweater. It's currently up to the row before the increase rows. I haven't done any increases outside of playing around, so these next rows are probably far more exciting in my head then they really should be.

And finally, since having only one WIP in my projects on Ravelry was making me oddly antsy, I've also cast on the Lil' Devil Baby Hat. I did all of the above work last night. This hat is marvelously easy, and may become a baby gift staple, because most of friends have exactly this sense of humor this gift is suited for. I'm also counting this towards my Project Spectrum Fire project roll, because, well, how could I not? It's red, and evokes the flames of hell, but in such a cute way!

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