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Monday, January 14, 2008


Well, I finished the left Fetching mitt. And this being my first experience with any sort of hand-wear, I promptly found that my hands are indeed actually longish enough that I need to account for it when making anything that's supposed to end above my knuckles. I need to add at least five rows above the thumb to get these to hit where they're supposed to. However, I love this pattern and may offer to make them for others, so I'm going to keep this mitt for reference and just go ahead and make a new one for me. I bought plenty of yarn, so it should be no problem.

In other news, I'm home early for the day due to snow, and am currently being pressured by the baking Borg (aka my friends on LiveJournal) to give into temptation and makes brownies. As they pointed out, it is practically a law that one must bake on a snow day...

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