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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project Spectrum

One of my coworkers will become a father in about two months time, so in pondering what I wanted to do as a present for the baby, since I could tell it involve a yarn order, I also decided to set my Project Spectrum house in order. The yarn order is now in, and here's what I have planned out to do so far:

a sunset-themed landscape quilt
The little devil baby hat, which has the advantage of being completely Fire, as well as child of this particular coworker, appropriate.

Socks from my favorite green sock yarn in my stash. I have not yet settled on a pattern.
I'll also be out and about setting my garden in order at this point, so will work this into the project somehow.

I'd like to the do the Icarus shawl. Since I suspect this will take me quite a while, it's all I'm planning to do for Air.

I'll see what I can do to work my lovely ocean into this theme. Other than that, haven't really thought of a project to do yet, but this comes last, so I'm not too worried about it at the moment.

I'm also considering the baby Yoda sweater for the new baby. I've got the yarn on order, and figure if I don't get this started in the midst of everything else I have planned, my friends are currently prolific enough that I'm sure there will be another baby along soon enough that it can go to.

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