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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knitting Notes

The Monkey socks are coming along nicely, though I must say, I'm not loving the 5 dpn thing this far into the foot. It's not so bad in the leg, but they just seem to get more tangled where I am right now. I may just do the top of the foot needles on one needle the next time through.

My Knit Picks order came today (yay!), so I finally have the yarn for my Sitcom Chic Sweater, Fetching mitts and Coronet hat. I may try to swatch for the sweater today. It's probably pretty good mindless work since my brain is fried from work, and I get the feeling working on my socks today might not be the best of ideas. Plus, if I do it tonight, I should get it done before I do laundry, and will be able to throw it in there. (It's the ShineWorsted, nice and cottony.)

I also discovered this year's theme for Project Spectrum last night, and am incredibly excited about that. I heard about Project Spectrum after the fact, so had been keeping an eye out for the next iteration. This year's about the elements (Fire, Earth, Water and Air), with Fire coming first. I immediately thought of the sunset quilt I've been collecting fabric for as the perfect project for Fire, so come February, I'll be working on that. I haven't given much other thought to what I can do, but I think I can commit to one project a month (two per theme) pretty easily. I'm really looking forward to participating.

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Lolly said...

I am excited that you will participate in Project Spectrum!