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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Knitting Notes

I couldn't stand the lack of anything on my needles, so I ran to Knit Wit yesterday and grabbed some yarn for a Foliage hat (above), and some alpaca sock yarn, which I think I'm to try making some Monkey socks with. (I had to get the right size DPNs for this, which I did this morning, so I may cast those on tomorrow.)

I'm loving the Foliage pattern. I'm making version 2, and I was flying through it last night while the game was on. (Go Pats!) I have a lot of errands and other fun stuff to do today (I'm illicitly posting while I should be paying some bills, bad me!), so I'm not allowing myself to work on it until everything is done, but it's hard, let me tell you! This has been such a better experience than my last attempt at lace. In fact, I think I'm going to toss that scarf pattern and think of something better to do with the yarn I bought for that.

Now, if only my Knit Picks order would come in with my yarn for Sitcom Chic, Fetching and Coronet, life would be perfect! (I also ordered some gorgeous sock yarn from Etsy, and I can't wait to see that either.)

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