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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Notes

I just returned from a long weekend in Mass, having attended the seventh annual alternate Thanksgiving celebration held my a group of my college friends. I'm coasting down from an insane sugar high. (The pie-fest was perhaps not well timed, as I have my first physical with a new doctor on Tuesday, and my weight loss plan for this year did not go as planned. Oh well. It was damn good, and I'm not sorry!) The only bad thing about this weekend was the snow squall we encountered in New Hampshire on our way down on Friday. I realize it's November, but I don't want my snow until after Thanksgiving! (And after I've raked the yard. Snow right now would be bad, bad, bad!)

I was able to stop in York on my way home and pick up more Brittany needles from the yarn shop down there. I just love those needles. They're so smooth and well weighted! The progress on my socks was going well. Last Monday, I finished up sock number one. It's perfect! Unfortunately, in order to start sock number two, I had to untangle the yarn skein, a process that was not completed until Thursday evening (when I tangle a skein, I do it right!). I took Friday off so we could meander down to Mass, but we weren't leaving until noon, so I decided to cast on the sock and see how far I could get at around ten. I'm not entirely sure what happened. For some reason, I was absolutely unable to get past the third row, on multiple attempts. I believe I cast on that darn sock five times before giving up. I'll try that again on Monday, as I'm overtired enough from the weekend festivities that I'm sure any attempt today would end up a repeat of Friday.

My Nanowrimo process has hit its first big roadblock. I'd been doing pretty well until Tuesday, when we spent the entire evening with friends. After that, I was unable to muster the energy to work on my story. Over the weekend, I had a great talk with one of my friends, a previous Nanowrimo winner, who is actually stalled at 1400 words. We had a great conversation about the whole thing, and I'm feeling much less pathetic than I did going into the weekend. I'd like to think I'll be able to spend some quality time on it tonight, but I know my my recovery time from 2:00 bedtimes too well, so I know I can only commit to work on it tomorrow, but I'll definitely do it.

Other than that, not much going on. Hard to believe that it's only two weekends until Thanksgiving. I've got to call up the family this week and figure out what we're all making so I can start planning for the coming frenzy of food preparation.

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