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Friday, November 30, 2007

Craft Notes

I've completed my sister's Christmas socks. I really like the colors (it's called Crazy Woman, which is very apropos for my sister), and I have a decent amount of the yarn left, so I need to see what kind of little thing I might be able to make with the leftovers.

I've cast on my mother's socks. I was originally thinking I wouldn't even try those until after Christmas, since her birthday is in February, but these last ones went so fast, I don't see why I couldn't finish them as well. I've doing my mother's in a corn fiber, since she can't wear wool. It's a very different feel than the wool I was just working with. I'm also going to try making these ones with a pattern. Very exciting!

Finishing these has meant I've been slacking a little in my reading, as I went on an epic Babylon 5 DVD watching marathon to keep me occupied. I was inevitably staying up a little late to finish off the DVD I started after dinner. Definitely not a habit I could support if it wasn't already dark out by the time I get home.

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